A repeat customer and a loyal customer are similar but not the same. We define a repeat customer as someone who buys from you again but does not necessarily prefer your brand over others. A loyal customer is loyal to your brand, prefers your brand over others and is someone for whom you are the go-to brand in your segment. However, the objectives and the relationship market focus are mostly the same.

The Objective at these stages is primarily to retain this client, maximize his lifetime value and in the best case make him a brand advocate who actively promotes your brand to his peers.

Relationship marketing focus:  At this stage it is all about showing your customer that you know and appreciate him and about rewarding him for his loyalty. Personalization is key, by now you should have a feeling of who your customer is, know which of your products/services he likes, prefers, or needs and maybe even have more information about who and how your customer is. There are several types of communications that you can include in your email journey to:

  • Make him feel special. For instance, you can show him that you remember his birthday or the anniversary since he first became a customer through a personalized email and maybe even include a goodie in the form of gated content (the content should be in the best case personalized to his interests) or in the form of a personalized promotion like a special discount on the products/services he likes.
  • Show that you know him. If you send him marketing promotions or content do not just send him anything. Personalize the content to his interests and the promotions to the products/services he purchased before or to those you think he could be interested in.
  • Show him what he needs. Moreover, if the product/service is purchased regularly let’s say a haircut or a cosmetic product, you can analyse his purchasing frequency and shortly before you think he will need it again, send him a communication or promotion to make sure he will purchase again with you.
  • Recognize him and reward his loyalty. Communicate your client that you appreciate his loyalty and reward him with goodies such as personalized discounts or gated content. Or you could even think about introducing a loyalty scheme through which your client can either obtain points which can be redeemed for free products/service, discounts or gifts based on his spend, number of purchases etc. Or a program through which your client can obtain rewards after a certain number of purchases (e.g. after 10 purchases he/she gets a free service/product). You can also add a gamified approach where your client can achieve badges or tiers based  on his spend/number of purchases etc.