A prospect is someone who has generated a desire and shows interest to buy your products/services. This can be for example someone who looked at your product page and/or clicked on specific products/services, someone who signed up for a free version (in case you are using a freemium model), someone who send you a contact, product information or service offer request, or someone who started an online purchasing process but did not make it to the end.

The objective in this case is clear CONVERT THEM INTO CUSTOMERS.

Relationship marketing focus: when it comes to converting a lead, getting the right moment and the right message is essential, therefore personalization is key at this stage. When you hit a customer with an offer which matches exactly what he is looking for in the moment he is considering it, he will be much more likely to buy from you.

  • One powerful tool is automated personalized emails with product offers based on the customers’ interaction as a part of your email journey. Let’s say a customer reads your newsletter and clicks on a link to a specific product or to a blog post talking about a type of service or you recognize your customer has been looking at a specific service on your website, you can send out an automated email with a personalized offer for the product he was looking at.
  • In the case someone started an online purchasing process but never got to check out, follow up on it with an automated but personalized email reminding him about the product/service he left in his shopping cart or even offering him a discount on this product. It is also important to analyse the customer experience throughout the purchasing process. If a lot of prospects abandon the process, ask them about their experience and why they abandoned the cart. Use a quick survey as a part of your automated email journey that is send out after a certain time passed without any further interactions from the client.
  • And of course, at this point of the customer lifecycle it is essential to know when personal interaction is required. Especially when the services/products your brand sells are rather complex, a personal sales talk is usually necessary to convince the client and close the sale. This of course also applies when someone sends you a contact/service offer request or is using a free trial version. In this process a good lead scoring system is of great help to your salespeople in order to identify sales opportunities and find the right moment to approach the lead.