An advocate is someone who loves your brand and customer experience and is not only a loyal customer but also actively recommends your products/services to his peers personally or through social media. He is someone who actively generates positive word of mouth. With the rise of social media, the term “influencer” became a common synonym. An influencer is someone who is able to influence other people’s buying behaviour with his opinion.  Often influencers are used as a “paid” marketing channel where they are receiving compensation from brands to promote them in their social media channels. But in the best case they are true brand advocates who recommend your brand not because you pay them for it but because they genuinely like it.

The Objective is to get your customers to honestly recommend your brand to his peers because he likes your product/service and customer experience. And through this positive word of mouth help your brand to raise awareness and acquire new customers.

Relationship marketing focus:  

  • The first thing of course is to provide an extraordinary customer experience with the products/services you sell but also with your customer attention. If someone has a bad experience make up for it, attend him personally and offer a solution. If someone complains through his social media channels prepare a personalized answer and find a creative way to make up for any bad experiences.
  • Surprise him: if you see someone recommending your brand on social media, automatically recognize it and say thanks (e.g. through a personalized email) and add a reward such as a discount for his next purchase or free new products to try.
  • Of course, you can also actively generate brand advocates using a Member get Member program, offering fixed rewards every time a current customer helps you to acquire a new one.
  • Finally, there is of course always the option work with influencers to promote your brand. By finding those faces on social media who represent best your target customers and have a large enough follower base. You can either pay them to promo your brand or better, send them free products to try and so they talk about them on their channels.

GDPR compliance: in all those marketing activities mentioned above it is essential to comply with the European GDPR standards. This requires that personal data can only be stored and used for marketing purposes and marketing information can only be distributed to subscribers with their explicit consent and when taking adequate data protection measures.