During the last decade, the way consumers interact with brands has changed dramatically and when the digital channels have been important before, they have become it even more in 2020, as well as for smaller and local businesses. This especially applies when it comes to communicating with customers in a direct way.

Relationship marketing, which essentially means communicating with your consumers in a one-to-one way, through channels such as mobile, email and online marketing, has become extremely relevant.

When used in the right way, relationship marketing can convert more existing leads, retain existing clients, generate repetition, increase the customers’ lifetime value, and generate a long-lasting relationship with your customers or even create brand advocates, in a much more efficient way than mass marketing channels can do.

Because in relationship marketing it is about quality not quantity! 

Relationship marketing is not about spamming your customers with lots and lots of emails or messages. It is about communicating with your client, in the right moment, with the right message and the right content. 

Marketing automation and data-based marketing makes it possible to provide a highly targeted and personalized communication and brand experience to your customers.

Highly relevant content

It makes it possible to personalize email campaigns based on customer segments or individual attributes. Meaning you can adapt the email content such as images, text, your call to action, offered promotions etc, based on consumer attributes such as age, gender, preferences, interests and so on.

Personalization makes your marketing efforts much more relevant to the consumers and they will be more likely to engage with your brand and therefore purchase from you.

The perfect moment

Marketing automation enables your brand to send out communications in the best moment to your individual leads and customers. For instance, you can send out communications based on individual dates such as your customer’s birthday or his last purchasing date. You can send communications when a customer visits a certain landing page or clicks on certain products on your website. You can send out communications based on whether a customer or lead opened an email or clicked on a specific field in your email.

This is extremely powerful for example when it comes to converting leads since it allows you to send them a personalized offer exactly in the moment, they are looking at your products or services.

A smooth customer experience

You can also automate transactional emails such as purchase confirmation, appointment reminders, contact request confirmation etc. This will improve your customers` experience with your brand and save your company the time and effort to send them out manually. Of course, automation can never fully replace personal interaction, but it should complement it in order to ensure a seamless experience.

Know what works best

And finally, your digital relationship marketing allows you to perfectly analyse all your marketing efforts, test to find out what it is that works best for your specific customers and keep improving your marketing activities based on detailed data.

Through those unique advantages digital relationship marketing can help you to improve your marketing efficiency, optimize your marketing expenses and maximize the return on your marketing investments.