A first-time customer is at its name says someone who purchases from you and uses your product/service for the very first time and therefore enters your customer data base.

The objective at this stage is to impress the client and make him fall in love with your brand. On the one hand with your product/service itself but also with the experience around it and hence to convince him to purchase from you again.

Relationship marketing focus: Besides offering the best product or service you can, there are also relationship marketing tools that can improve your customers experience and incentivize repeat purchase. You can use an automated email journey to send out personalized communications in the right moments:

  • Confirmation: this goes without saying but thanking your client for his trust in your brand and confirming his purchase is the first thing to do once he checked out of the shopping cart. Send him a personalized email stating what he purchased, if it is a product that is delivered by mail tell him when to expect to receive it and how he can track delivery. If it is a digital product/service introduce him on how to start using it. If it is a booking of a physical service prepare him for his visit and what he can expect or needs to consider when he arrives.
  • On boarding: If your product or service needs more explication on how to use it, send out one or more onboarding emails using tutorials, advice on how to use the product/service or let him now how to contact you in case he needs help.
  • Reminders: If the services you are offering are bookable physical services (like hotel nights, hairdresser appointments, theatre tickets etc.) send him a reminder shortly before or on the day of the service. Prepare him for his visit and try to clarify any doubts he could have beforehand.
  • Ask the customer for his opinion: Once your customer had some time to try the product/service ask him how he liked it as well as the pre-and post-purchase experience and what needs to be improved. You can do this through sending him a short NPS survey via email. This will help you to keep optimizing your customer experience and generate happy and loyal customers.
  • Tell your customer you miss him: If you notice that a client hasn’t come back for a while, send him an email and tell him that you miss him you can add a personalized promotion to incentivize him to purchase again from you or again ask him in a quick survey, what you can do better to make him stay with you.