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The Prospect: “Make him want you”

A prospect is someone who has generated a desire and shows interest to buy your products/services. This can be for example someone who looked at your product page and/or clicked on specific products/services, someone who signed up for a free version (in case you are...

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Relationship marketing and its benefits

During the last decade, the way consumers interact with brands has changed dramatically and when the digital channels have been important before, they have become it even more in 2020, as well as for smaller and local businesses. This especially applies when it comes...

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What is doughnut economics?

It all started with a TED talk, a talk by Kate Raworth about her theory of "the green doughnut" ( When I listened to it I thought that this was it! This is the way we have to view economics, this is what we have to opt for to make our...

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How to get into the doughnut

We believe that it is possible to build an economy that moves within our planetary and social boundaries by making it more distributive and regenerative and through changing the way we consume. A distributive economy So what does it mean for an economy to become more...

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