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Rebels are people who bring about change!

About Our Company

HD Rebelution was founded in 2020 with the aim of helping small, medium-sized and local businesses in particular thrive in the digital landscape that has become the most important channel for growing a brand and building customer relationships.

We are rebels based in Germany with professional experience in  customer strategy, loyalty strategy, marketing and communication.

We use this combination of expertise to offer rebellious solutions that fit into the budget and needs of SMEs and local businesses.


Help small, medium and local businesses compete in the digital landscape to increase their market share


Creating a fairer distributed economy where small, medium and local businesses have the highest market share


Founder & Managing Partner

DE | EN | PH
B.A & M.A Intl. Business
Small business owner & marketing professional with experience in: campaign design & management | Content & Asset Creation | Social Media Marketing | SEO/SEM


Founder & Managing Partner

DE | EN | ES
B.A. Intl. Business & M.Sc. Marketing
Ex-consultant and strategy professional with experience in: Customer & Loyalty Strategy | Go to market & growth strategy | Customer Experience | Corporate strategy

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The Repeat Customer and Loyal Customer: “Make him feel special”

A repeat customer and a loyal customer are similar but not the same. We define a repeat customer as someone who buys from you again but does not necessarily prefer your brand over others. A loyal customer is loyal to your brand, prefers your brand over others and is...

The First Time Customer: “Make him love you”

A first-time customer is at its name says someone who purchases from you and uses your product/service for the very first time and therefore enters your customer data base. The objective at this stage is to impress the client and make him fall in love with your brand....

The Prospect: “Make him want you”

A prospect is someone who has generated a desire and shows interest to buy your products/services. This can be for example someone who looked at your product page and/or clicked on specific products/services, someone who signed up for a free version (in case you are...

The Lead: “Start flirting and gain his attention and interest”

A lead is someone who learns about your brand (attention) and shows first interest. We can differentiate between cold leads, this can be for instance someone who visits your website, follows your social medial channels, or signs up for your newsletter. Or hot leads...

From lead to advocate or how to growth hack your business

When we talk about the customer lifecycle we refer to the different stages a consumer goes through when interacting with a brand. From when he first gets to know about your brand all the way until he turns into someone who actively recommends your products or services...

Relationship marketing and its benefits

During the last decade, the way consumers interact with brands has changed dramatically and when the digital channels have been important before, they have become it even more in 2020, as well as for smaller and local businesses. This especially applies when it comes...

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